photo : NicoleMarnati
photo : Nicole Marnati

‘Mutant’ aims to fulfil, explain, and show his desires and dreams that have met obstructions, due to societal expectations of his gender.

Growing up in Korea, Dae always felt as if he was a mutant, an aberration from the heterosexual norm. He decided to turn shame into pride, by making mutants that proudly display his hitherto secret desires. As a man, he has always felt he is inferior in terms of beautification. So when he designing these mutant objects, he represent himself with objects that are usually considered uninteresting and inferior and mutate them into ones that are grandiose and superior.

This project(MUTANT) consists of three videos and objects based on his three desires. Each of the three videos tells the story of each desire. Objects are mutants that are created based on those desires.

GAGA ← see objects

BOM ← see objects

ELEKTRA ← see objects